Monday, August 22, 2011

Another God moment

Just gotta tell you about this one.
We spent a few days in northern Uganda at a beautiful national park called Murchinson Falls. Beautiful place as you can tell from these pictures.
The power of the Nile river as it descends down a very narrow gorge is breathtaking.........

But the story is about another God moment. We had some issues with our vehicle....
hired a park ranger one morning to guide us on a beautiful early morning game drive.

Then we spotted 2 young male lions and a mature male lion out hunting and turned off the car so not to scare wouldn't restart.

God had another vehicle just in front of us to help jump start ours again, and fortunately our guide had a big shotgun just in case the lions "disturbed" us while we changed the battery..........

The next day as we started our return journey out of the park, once again had to jump start...and keep the engine running the entire day...including crossing the river nile in this VERY Ugandan ferry.....

As we left the park on a very 'dirt road', made 'last minute' decision to visit top of Murchinson Falls, so we turned off the main road 14 km...with a number of warning lights flashing on the instrument panel!!
As you can imagine, we are not in an ideal place to get "stuck".

We get to the top of the falls and pull into a 'parking lot' 2 'retired' couples from South Africa who are on a 20000k, 3 month road trip around Africa retracing the steps of their great-grandfather a Christian missionary to Africa in the late 1800s.  With their grandfather's diary in hand, they stopped at every village he had ministered to so many years ago. They stopped at Murchison Falls just to dry out some camping equipment.

Just so happened that one of our engine belts had broken...with the only 1 remaining 'just barely'. Our new found 'good samaritan' friends came to the rescue. Mike was a mechanic.....'just so happened' he had 2 spare belts that he had replaced before they started their trip...and instead of throwing them away as usual, he tossed them in his truck for the journey.

After a circle of prayer with our new friends....witnessed by a non-Christian couple from Netherlands who 'just happend' to be there passing through....we left there with restored engine and our new friends from the Netherlands, dropping them off in a town about half way back to Jinja. 

Without the good samaritans, we probably would have been 'stuck' somewhere in rural uganda with a broken down vehicle....Not good.......
But the Lord had His plan all along....He 'engineered' the journey such that a few folks who love Jesus connected with just the right experience and equipment to keep us safe and secure in our long journey home.

Another day - Another journey............

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